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USDA loans and Outbuildings

There is a lot of confusion regarding USDA loans and Outbuildings. We specialize in these loans throughout Oregon and have closed many of these NO DOWN home loans with outbuildings on the property.  There is a distinction to this issue that USDA Rural Housing has addressed and cleared up.  I can assist any Broker’s or Buyers with all questions.  Property still must be deemed eligible… Read More

USDA Rural Home Loans Increase in Popularity

USDA home loans have been increasing in popularity over the past three years, with nearly one million loans guaranteed by the USDA. People who never thought they would be able to purchase their own home have secured a zero-down, 30-year mortgage with very low interest rates. Home buyers in rural communities are turning in ever greater numbers to home loans that are now available from… Read More

USDA Rural Housing Program Now Entirely Self-Funded

The only real no money down loan available on the market today, USDA rural home loans provide a much needed funding stream for people who can’t afford the usual down payment on a mortgage. Congress has made some changes to the USDA Rural Development program recently, including some that directly affect the Single Family Housing Guaranteed Loans Program, which is the primary program that makes… Read More

USDA Rural Loans Helping Oregonians Achieve Home Ownership

Although most people could tell you who the USDA is, and of all the amazing work they’ve done over the years to advance the agricultural landscape of our country, most are unaware of the pivotal role that the USDA takes in providing guaranteed rural home loans to tens of thousands of individuals and families annually through their various rural home loan and development programs that… Read More

New Pilot Program from the USDA Helps Rural Home Owners Refinance Mortgages

Rural home owners are getting a chance to refinance their mortgages, and reduce their monthly payments, thanks to a program from the USDA dubbed the “Single Family Housing Guaranteed Rural Refinance Pilot Program.” Part of the Obama Administration’s ongoing initiative to assist middle class families while strengthening our economy overall, 19 states will take part in the USDA program that will help an estimated 235,000… Read More

USDA Rural Loans Help to Stabilize Housing Markets in Small Communities

Housing experts have concluded that the government-backed USDA loan program has helped to stabilize many of our rural housing markets. By helping new home buyers acquire zero-down loans for rural homes and development, the USDA rural home loan program has increased home sales in outlying areas, giving rural housing markets a much needed boost. With low interest loans, specially tailored to an individual’s income to… Read More

USDA Rates Remain Low

Good news!  Although Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will be adding an additional fee to their rates – this congressional action does not affect government rates.  USDA rates will remain at fabulous lows they have been for years.  Oregon in general and especially Marion and Polk counties have fabulous prices on homes. Now is the perfect time to buy -while both rates and prices are… Read More

Why USDA? Sounds like a side of beef?

Why USDA?  Sounds like a side of beef?  Actually it’s a Government Home Purchase Option that requires NO money down.  This is one way they decided to assist small communities, keeping them alive with occupied homes.  Eligible areas are basically anything outside Salem / Keizer, Portland Metro, Albany / Corvallis.  Please do not hesitate to contact me with an address to look up for you…. Read More

0% Down Loans are NOT gone!

0% Down Loans are NOT gone!  We still have them right here in Oregon.  Yes, you CAN purchase with NO Money Down – even a foreclosure can be purchased this way. One of the Best Zero Down purchase programs is the USDA or Rural Home Loans.  You do not have to be a First Time Home Buyer and there are NO Loan Limits, but there… Read More